Fundraising activities - Lions fact: we are the largest service organisation the the world


Christmas floats

Is there a Lions club which does not run a Christmas float? We don't know of one. At Wellesbourne we run two.
December 2017 saw us make 21 sorties to most of the nearby villages, collecting on behalf of local charities, organisations and groups.  Each one sent volunteers out on every evening to assist with the collection and they really made an enormous difference. This year we had snow to deal with on a couple of nights. We still braved the elements to make sure we visited the children who wanted to see Santa.

When we had determined the amount to be distributed, we invited everyone to a quiz and cheques presentation night at Kineton Village Hall where we have a lot of light hearted fun. The picture below shows a full house.

Santa Quiz Night

Easter Eggs

Starting looking out for our Easter Eggs, which will start appearing in a venue near you soon. This year there's a slight variation of eggs/Easter treats for you to win.

Lion Racing - May 2017

Lion Racing took place on Saturday 6th May. Many thanks to everyone who came along and supported the evening. We had 6 races and a grand final. The winning owner of each race won a bottle or Presecco and the winning owner in the grand final won a bottle of champagne.

After three races we all sat down and had some supper and a chat, drinks were flowing all evening.

You can see from the photo below that people were enjoying themselves.

If the second photo you can see how close the race was with 3 lions having only one space to go before winning. You can also see 1 lion that stopped to have some lunch and second 1 stopped to have a drink of water. It must be hard work on the track.

Raft Race 2017

Many of you may not know, but the Raft Race in 2017 was our last one. A number of circumstances, which were out of our control, have stacked up against us and we had to decide to stop doing it. It's something we have done for over 40 years and we're sad to stop it, but we didn't really have much choice.

Keep a watch on page, we are investigation other events and we're hopeing to start something new soon.

Grenfell Tower fire. Collection at Sainsburys

On behalf of all of the Lions we would like to thank you all for your amazing generosity. On Saturday 17th June, we held a spontaneous bucket collection at Sainsbury’s in Wellesbourne for those people affected by the terrible fire at Grenfell Tower in London. You donated the amazing sum of £876. This was topped up by our charity fund to enable us to send £1,000. Yes, a very worthwhile cause and again a great response from caring people in our area. I would like to give a huge thank you to Sainsbury’s for allowing the collection to take place at such short notice.

Centennial Raffle

This year is Lions Centennial. The Lions organisation has been going 100 years. To celebrate this fact we have run a Centennial Raffle. All money raised will be going to the Scouting and Guiding movements in our area. We have already supported a number of groups and have contributed to a Guiding event where a large number are going to visit the Space Centre later in September. The draw took place at our usualy meeting on the 11th September, all winners will be notified and prizes delivered. As you can see in the picture below, Lion President Charles and Lion John, took their responsibilities very seriously.

Walking Treasure Hunt

We are running a new event this year. It's all about getting out for a nice walk and meeting other people. There is no rush as it's not a race. All the family can come along (including your dog). There will be too walks around the village, one shorter than the other for those less able. At the end there will be refreshments served. Please book in advance, so we know how many people to cater for.

Traditional fund raising methods continue to be a good source of income and require a more limited resource than the Raft Race or Christmas floats. It is also good for PR because we are seen out and about in the community and useful relationships can be built.

Our activities include:
Wellesbourne street Fayre - June
Walton village fête stall - August

Wellesbourne Sainsburys and Co-op collections take place in the Spring and Autumn
We also join our neighbours in Stratford-upon-Avon (Shakespeare Lions) for joint fundraising events.

Additionally, visibility within the community can aid recruitment of new members which is something that always needs addressing.