Fundraising activities - Lions fact: we are the largest service organisation the the world


Christmas floats

Is there a Lions club which does not run a Christmas float? We don't know of one. At Wellesbourne we run two.
December 2018 saw us make 22 sorties to most of the nearby villages, collecting on behalf of local charities, organisations and groups.  Each one sent volunteers out on every evening to assist with the collection and they really made an enormous difference. This year we had heavy rain to deal with on one night. We still braved the elements to make sure we visited the children who wanted to see Santa.

When we had determined the amount to be distributed, we invited everyone to a quiz and cheques presentation night at Kineton Village hall where we have a lot of light hearted fun. The picture below shows a full house.

Santa Quiz Night

Easter Eggs

We've order our Easter Eggs for this years Easter Egg raffles. Look out for these at a venue near you. If you'e never seen one of our eggs, then send us a message via the "Contact Us" link and let us know where we can set one up.

Raft Race 2017

Many of you may not know, but the Raft Race in 2017 was our last one. A number of circumstances, which were out of our control, have stacked up against us and we had to decide to stop doing it. It's something we have done for over 40 years and we're sad to stop it, but we didn't really have much choice.

Keep a watch on page, we are investigation other events and we're hopeing to start something new soon.

Lion Racing

Have you ever been Lion Racing? No? Well now is your chance. We have all the kit ready to run a "Lion Racing" event we just need somewhere to do one. If you'd like to set up an event for your Charity or Organisation and you'd like us to run Lion racing for you, let us know. Write to us using the "Contact Us" link and we'll be in touch.

Traditional fund raising methods continue to be a good source of income and require a more limited resource than the Raft Race or Christmas floats. It is also good for PR because we are seen out and about in the community and useful relationships can be built.

Our activities include:
Wellesbourne street Fayre - June
Walton village fête stall - August
Wellesbourne Sainsburys and Co-op collections take place in the Spring and Autumn

We also join our neighbours in Stratford-upon-Avon (Shakespeare Lions) for joint fundraising events.
Additionally, visibility within the community can aid recruitment of new members which is something that always needs addressing.